About Matt Cripps

Matt-200x300Executive Director: Matt Cripps

Matt was abandoned by his mother at birth and a father who was unable to take care of a new born, Matt was placed into several foster homes during the first seven years of his life.

Throughout his entire teen years in Detroit, Matt was the sole caretaker for his terminally ill father who prayed daily for his son’s salvation. In 1994, during a church service Matt surrendered his life to Jesus Christ when a lady filled with deep anguish boldly interrupted a call to salvation prayer to express her intense desire to see Matt saved.

Upon receiving Jesus Christ into his heart Matt developed a heart of compassion for suffering children in Detroit and he knew from his own experience that the emptiness and pain could only be filled by the love of Christ.

Matt has personally been driving bus routes for over 18 years providing transportation to children who live in neighborhoods filled with drugs, violence, alcoholism, poverty, abandoned homes, and gangs.

Matt has been married to Danielle since 1998 and they have six beautiful girls.

Matt is available to share about his passion of rescuing precious in Detroit and how Good News Gang is making a difference in a city filled with despair. If you would like to have him speak at your church or event send us a request at info@goodnewsgang.org